About My Japanese Chins



I breed occasionally to meet my own needs and sell the balance of the litter to others wanting high quality Japanese Chins.
breeding dogs get tested so that we can maintain healthy parents to the puppies I produce. They get their eyes checked by an
Ophthalmologist, hearts are checked by a board certified heart specialist, patellaís by a vet thatís familiar with bone and muscle structure. The reports from the heart specialist and patella veterinarians are sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
They do the readings and then send me the final certificates of what was found. So far, all Japanese Chins that have passed these tests
are good. This minimizes the risk of anything going wrong with your puppy. All puppies are here until they are at least twelve weeks old.
They receive their shots, are wormed twice and checked by a veterinarian. If a puppy didnít pass a check up, it would never be passed on to a buyer. Pets leave with a health guarantee and must be neutered. Show puppies are evaluated, are left open to breed and show. My dogs are raised in doors,  as I don't believe in out door kennels. They get used to the daily routines of noise and traffic. They are picked up continually and played with.

I ship at the buyers cost, for airfare and crate.
You are expected to put a deposit down